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We offer two options for lodging for your horse: Barn Care provides indoor sleeping on a bed of deep shavings and daily turnout for grazing and socializing. Pasture Care allows the horse to roam free and graze and eat roundbale hay and run into a roomy shed cover in inclement weather.
Barn Care We have 12' x 12' and 12' x 24' stalls to choose from. We also have some stalls with 36' x 36' corrals attached to them so they can wander outside if weather permits. Barn horses are groomed and fly sprayed before being turned out to graze and play. We have fans in each stall for summer time comfort. We have an automatic fly spray system to keep the fly population down. We also provide heat lamps for cold winter nights. If it freezes, we make sure the barn horses have access to buckets of water that are kept warm by the heat lamps so they do not freeze. We are happy to blanket and hood horses on cold days and nights and maintain short show coats and mare breedablity by putting lights on a timer.
Pasture Care Pasture-kept horses have ample shed covers for each group. They are fed individually with at least one water source in each enclosure. They have full-time accessiblity to great quality hay, grass and plenty of shade. Each pasture has several water tanks or waterers so that they have a variety of choices of fresh water. We go to great lengths to keep the grass healthy and that includes keeping fresh, good-quality hay in front of horses at all times. They have a choice of hay or grass at all times. Pasture horses are fed twice daily like the barn horses. They are looked over at feeding time to see if they have lost a shoe or injured themselves. Sometimes we miss an injury but we try hard to attend every day to every horse.
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