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Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas!

We know all the horses here at Austin Stables want to wish their owners a Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year. We couldn't get Santa to come and let them sit on his lap...
so we dressed them up and took their pictures. (We'd like to think they liked it,
but we aren't really sure.)

From Orvin, Christi and our families to you and your loved ones: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Many good things happened this year. Mostly, we are so grateful to have Orvin back and safe. Thanks for trusting us for so many cumulative years with the care of your beloved, wonderful horses. It's an honor and we love each one of them as if they belong to us. Each one of you makes our life and our work worthwhile.
Mocksus Merry Christmas, Dana!
Indigo and Orvin Merry Christmas Susan! (Carti wouldn't go for it so we just took a picture of Indigo.)
Bug Merry Christmas, Celine!
Woody Merry Christmas, Tena!
Orsuelo Merry Christmas, Joanne and family!
Mighty Mouse Merry Christmas, whoever buys the wonderous Mighty Mouse!
Daante Merry Christmas, Kameron and Patrick!
Shiraz Merry Christmas, Kameron and Patrick!
Cowboy Merry Christmas, Tamirra!
Bo Merry Christmas, Linda and Leigh!
Moonlite Merry Christmas, Ellen and Jason!
Star Merry Christmas, Janice!
Charlie Merry Christmas, Karen and Gary!
Frankie Merry Christmas, Laura and Vivek!
Lex Merry Christmas,  Wendy!
Missey Merry Christmas, Natalia!
Rainy Merry Christmas, Barbara!
Chiqualene Merry Christmas, Barbara!
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