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We take pride in giving attentive, loving care to every horse on our property. Our boarders have given us geat feedback and tend to remain with us for many years. We are knowledgeable and open-minded, and are happy to help our boarders make informed decisions about their horse's care. We treat the boarders' horses as well as our own.
Scheduled Care We feed twice daily at the same general times each day. Stalls are cleaned in the morning after the barn horses are turned out.

The pastures are picked of manure once or twice weekly to maintain grass and a clean, parasite-reduced living environment.

We will feed the supplements you provide to us for your horse at no additional cost.

Winter blankets for barn horses are put on and removed as needed.
Rehabilitation We are known for our broad ability to rehabilitate horses who are returning to work from injuries.

This bay gelding and another mare both happen to have ligament issues and need to be brought back after nearly a year of stall rest and hand walking.

This horse is on a regimen prescribed by our veterinarian to build from 15 minutes of walking daily, to three sets of 3 minutes walking and 2 minutes trotting. The exercise regime will build and increase from this point forward. Soon he will be back under saddle and ready for the show ring.
Turn Out We turn out all the barn horses every day that weather permits, usually from 7:30 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. We can do nighttime turnout if that is preferred. When it rains, we handwalk the barn horses or ride them down the gravel driveway for exercise out of the mud if the weather permits. In extremely hot weather, we bring the barn horses in around noon and sometimes turn them back out after dinner for a few more hours of grazing.
Breeding Program We handle breeding and foaling out of mares. We have several 12' x 24' stalls and round-the-clock observation. We can imprint, halter-break and ground break young ones for our customers. We have ample, safe turn-out for foals and youngsters.
Hoof Care We have two wonderful farriers who work with us in 6-week shoeing cycles. Troy Jewell comes from Bandera; Donna Sterling comes from Austin.

Both farriers shedule their visits in advance, and are very dependable and kind to the horses. They cooperate and will nail back on a pulled shoe for each other.

If you use one of our farriers, we will happily schedule and hold your horse for you. If you choose to use a different farrier, you will be responsible for scheduling and holding your horse.
Vet Care We schedule and handle the horses for annual shots and 6-month boosters. We paste worm the horses every 60 days and prefer if you keep your horse is on a daily wormer, also.

We keep a variety of medicines on hand but prefer if each boarder keeps Bute and Banamine in the refridgerator in case of an emergency.

Christi can give intramuscular, sub-cutanious and intervenious shots if needed.

Dr. David Garza handles most of the veterinary care for our horses. We highly recommend Dr. Garza but boarders are free to choose whichever veterinarian they prefer.
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