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The Facility

We have a 35-acre ranch with a 9-horse barn and four 4-horse run-in shelters for pasture care. We have a covered, cement wash rack with room for four horses and plenty of hot water to give warm baths.

Our neighbor permits us to turn out horses on their property, which gives us more than 50 acres for 20-25 horses.

Our "down-the-hill" neighbors allow us to trail ride to Barton Creek, providing us hours of beautiful trails down to and along the creek. This gives us a break from arena work when our horses need a change. It is a breath-taking, quiet and safe trail ride.
10 Stall Barn Stalls are 12' x 12' or 12' x 24'  in size, with thick pine shavings used for bedding. Each stall is equipped with an automatic waterer; waterers are cleaned daily.

Our barn is open to the south and closed to the north, though there is an alley and door on the north side to provide a cool cross breeze in the summer.
Barn Interior There is a roomy, convenient tack area in the middle area of the barn.

We have four cross-tie bays and five shady areas outside for grooming and tacking up horses.

There are lights, fans and heat lamps in each stall.

Some stalls have 36' x 36' corrals attached to them.
Covered Wash Rack Our wash rack stands several horses at a time. We have hot and cold water available to spoil our horses with warm baths in the winter.
Fencing We have replaced almost every fence on our property with 4' x 2' no-climb "horse wire." Many of the fences are pipe strung with no-climb wire.

We do our best to prevent injuries before they happen, and walk our fences regularly to check for repairs that need to be made.
Pastures Our pasture horses enjoy lots of room to graze without being over-crowded. Providing Mother Nature gives us ample rain, there is typically grass for the horses to enjoy. Shade trees line the back side of most of our pastures.
Round Pen Our 60-foot round pen serves many purposes. It provides a safe place to start horses under saddle; offers the necessary boundaries for horses learning to free longe; and serves as back-up turn out for stalled horses if regular pastures are too muddy to use.
Arena View Our arena is groomed regularly. We maintain the footing by keeping the sand moist and by dragging it often.
Arena Our arena is over-sized, measuring larger than 60 x 20 meters. The arena base is crushed granite gravel, which has been packed solid. We have 3-4 inches of masonry sand above the crushed granite.
Trail to Barton Creek Take the trail down the hill to ride over a mile of Barton Creek frontage. The trail loops through meadows and woods.
The View Our home is situated such that we are able to see most of the pastures from our windows. We encourage boarders to "knock on our door" if they have a problem or question.
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