We offer two options for lodging for your horse:

Barn Care. The horses under "barn care" (vs. pasture care) sleep indoors on a bed of deep shavings and get turnout for grazing and socializing. They are groomed and fly sprayed daily and bathed when needed. When the days are very hot, barn care horses are brought into the stalls where the temp is normally 10-20 degrees cooler than outside. In cold weather, we have tank warmers to keep water from freezing. We handle the horse blankets if the horses require them.'

Pasture Care allows the horse to roam free and graze and eat coastal round bale hay and run into a roomy shed cover in inclement weather.

Pasture Care

Pasture Care. Our pasture horses enjoy lots of grass, sturdy, roomy sheds with good coastal round bales of hay under cover. This keeps hay dry and clean. We feed pasture horses the best quality senior feed only once a day, since they have access to so much good forage. We separate them at feeding time so they don't get stressed fighting over their feed.

Each pasture has several water tanks or waterers that are cleaned weekly. We go to great lengths to keep the grass healthy by spreading manure weekly, planting grass and keeping fresh, good-quality hay in front of horses at all times

They are looked over at feeding time to see if they have lost a shoe or injured themselves. Sometimes we miss an injury but we try hard to attend every day to every horse.