We take pride in giving attentive, loving care to every horse on our property.
Our boarders have given us great feedback and tend to remain with us for many years. We are knowledgeable and open-minded, and are happy to help our boarders make informed decisions about their horse's care. We treat the boarders' horses as well as any of our own. We respect others in the ways they train and medicate their horses. We don't intervene unless it may cause an unsafe situation or harm to any person or horse.

The key to the consistent care we give lies with our effective, hard-working ranch manager, Maynor Leiva who lives here in a house with his family. Maynor Leiva is always ready to lend a hand or finish backing your trailer. He gives complete care to each horse and keeps the owners and Christi Bacot aware of the slightest change in weight or demeanor of the horses. He bathes horses (even pasture horses) constantly as a way to stay in touch with each horse and its needs. Without him, we are finished.

Scheduled Care

Barn horses are fed twice daily at the same general times each day. Stalls are cleaned in the morning after the barn horses are turned out for 7 to 24 hours depending on their needs and the availability of turn out space.

Pasture horses are fed once a day since they have full time access to grass and coastal round bales of hay. We will feed the supplements you provide for your horse at no additional cost.

Vet and Farrier. If you use our vet, Austin Equine, and one of our recommended farriers, we schedule and hold horses for their routine or emergency visits. and dental work when needed. Of course both vet and farrier services are paid for by the owner.

Tanks and pastures. The pastures are picked of manure once or twice weekly to maintain grass and a clean, parasite-reduced living environment. Water tanks and bucket are also cleaned weekly.

Worming. We subscribe to the worming program recommended by our veterinarian who suggests periodic fecal examinations for your horse. Usually, we worm horses with Quest Plus, Ivermectin Gold or Panacur Power Pack twice a year. If needed, we worm more often.

Supplements and Medication. We will administer meds and feed the supplements you provide to us for your horse at no additional cost.


We are known for our broad ability to rehabilitate horses who are returning to work from injuries. If a rehab regimen is prescribed by the veterinarian to build strength and fitness back after an injury (Example: three sets of 3 minutes walking and 2 minutes trotting etc.) we follow their prescription. The exercise regime may build and increase from this point forward. Soon, injured horses will be back under saddle and ready to ride.

Christi's bay gelding and another mare both happen to have ligament issues and were brought back to full use after nearly a year of stall rest and hand-walking.

Turn Out

We turn out all the barn horses every day that weather permits, usually from 7:30 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon or 4:00 pm to 7:00 am. We can do nighttime turnout if that is preferred. When weather is bad for several days, we handwalk the barn horses or ride them down the gravel driveway for exercise out of the mud once the weather permits. In extremely hot weather, we bring the barn horses in around noon and sometimes turn them back out after dinner for a few more hours of grazing.

Breeding Program

We handle breeding and foaling out of mares. We have several 12' x 24' stalls and round-the-clock camera observation. We can imprint, halter-break and ground break young ones for our customers. We have ample, safe turn-out for foals and youngsters.

Hoof Care

We have wonderful farriers who work with us in 6-week cycles.

The farriers shedule their visits in advance, and are very dependable and kind to the horses. They cooperate and will nail back on a pulled shoe for each other.

If you use one of our farriers, we will happily schedule and hold your horse for you. If you choose to use a different farrier, you will be responsible for scheduling and holding your horse.

Vet Care

We schedule and handle the horses for annual shots and 6-month boosters. We paste worm the horses as the vet recommends and will administer a daily wormer if you choose to provide it.

We keep a variety of bandages and medicines on hand but prefer if each boarder keeps Bute and Banamine and any other prescription drug your horse may require, in the refrigerator in case of an emergency. Christi can give intramuscular, sub-cutanious and intervenious shots if needed.

Christi can give intramuscular, sub-cutanious and intervenious shots if needed.

Austin Equine handles the veterinary care  for most of our horses. But we have good relationships with many vet clinics in the area. We highly recommend Austin Equine but boarders are free to choose whichever veterinarian they prefer.